Riot Games unveiled a new clip today featuring a Latin American-accented Agent 22 from VALORANT, who speaks with Reyna over the phone and showcases his tattooed arm. The agent, possibly named Gekko, will be officially revealed tomorrow, March 4 at 11am CT during a streamer showmatch before the grand finals of VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo.

In the clip, Agent 22 speaks with Reyna, explaining that he tried to reach Neon before discussing the colors they could wear on missions. The clip confirms that Agent 22 has a close relationship with Reyna. The previous teaser, released on March 2, showed Agent 22’s camera roll, which included a photo of Brimstone, Reyna, and Jett having a Korean BBQ dinner, as well as other photos of him preparing tacos and sketches of graffiti styles for the name Gekko.

Agent 22 is one of three agents being added to VALORANT this year, and his role in the tactical shooter FPS is still unknown. Riot character producer John Goscicki said in this year’s State of the Agents video that two of the three agents will fill the initiator and sentinel roles, and most fans believe Agent 22 will be an initiator.

Agent 22 will be playable for the first time tomorrow in a streamer showmatch at 11am CT featuring Tarik versus Team Liquid’s content creator FRTTT, ahead of the VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo grand finals.

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