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Top 3 Carry Champions to Support

Many people often search for new champions to play, mostly because they want a champion that is rewarding to play and gives them some LP, well look no further, because we’ve got top 3 carry champions for support!

Support is a really fun role because it is a very versatile role as it has different play styles and also can make lots of different decisions in-game! 

As a support, you can play as a tank, mage, enchanter or assassin depending on your own playstyle or the synergy you wanna have with your ad carry or jungler.

Tanks are mostly picked to have more crowd control on your team allowing you to have dis-engage or engage and peel for your teammates;

Mages want to get early leads on their lane and deal as much damage as possible in skirmishes and team fights;

Enchanters need to be with the strongest player in their team even if it’s not the AD carry as they want to buff as much as they can their partners so they can carry up the game.

Assassins are mainly looking for kills on their lane and roaming around the map to get leads for their team and themselves.

Supports have lots of decisions throughout the game such as deciding if they want to stay in the bottom lane with their AD carry or roaming, if they want to rotate to Herald to try and get an advantage for their team, evaluate if they win a fight or not before roaming etc…

Here are your strongest carry champions for the support role in season 12.

Bard:  The Wandering Caretaker is the fastest roamer on support role as he’s able to summon portals for him and his team to set up exotic unexpected ganks hard to survive for the victims, as well as he has chimes around the map that he can collect in order to get movement speed and permanent buffs to his auto-attacks.

His ultimate is a double-edge sword, since he can land a good ultimate and stop heralds from colliding into ally towers, as well as accidentally kill his own teammates. 

This support’s main objective is to roam around the map collecting as many chimes as possible and getting his teammates ahead with his picks from ultimate followed by a Q stun.

Clearly not an easy champion to execute, however, it’s very rewarding due to his different mechanics from any other support in the game, he can outplay and outsmart enemy teams. 

Nami: A enchanter support easy to play that has lots of burst damage allowing her to carry her lane and snowball throughout the game. She has a strong laning phase as she has crowd control and decent range to poke with her W healing back some health for herself or ally AD carry.

Team fights and skirmishes are her favorite place to be as she can land her ultimate in as many targets as she can following by Q also granting movement speed to all allies touched by tsunami.

Nami is able to one-shot most of squishy targets with her combo once she has Imperial Mandate with her Ignite off cooldown, this gives her a lot of strength when roaming as she is able to make some aggressive plays and snowball without relying on her team. 

Pyke: The only support assassin in the game focuses on getting kills with his ultimate getting extra gold allowing to snowball the game. Pyke has been one of the best champions to solo carry as a support because he is the support least reliant on teammates to score kills.

His W allows him to roam a lot invisible coming from unpredictable spots in the lane stunning and hooking enemies towards his allies to get free kills, make some picks before objectives or just helping jungler to invade enemy jungle.

Skirmishes and team fights are favorable for Pyke since his ultimate is an area of effect ability with reset for each executed champion on the enemy team, causing him to destroy enemies health bars.

You should try any of the champions above, they are all very pleasing champions to play and you won’t regret playing them!

That’s it for our top 3 strongest carry champions for support role in League Of Legends, don’t forget to share our article and discuss it with your friends!

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