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The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

Are you curious about which support champions work best with Ezreal in League of Legends? Look no further!

Ezreal is a unique marksman who uses his skills more than his basic attacks. His long-range abilities let him farm and poke from a safe distance, and his E ability gives him a way to move. However, his early game is relatively weak, making it important for him to have a strong support to ease his laning phase. In this guide, we will discuss the top 5 best supports to play with Ezreal in season 13, and how their strengths complement his weaknesses.


Karma – Best overall support for Ezreal. Karma offers great poke potential with her Q, peeling potential with her shields, and the ability to lock down enemies with her W. This bot lane duo offers permanent lane priority, which can be beneficial for capturing objectives or rotating to the jungle/fights. However, it requires great coordination and can backfire if played poorly, and they are vulnerable to ganks.

Lux – Strongest poke duo. Lux offers a lot more damage than most mage supports, making for an insane amount of long-range burst damage. This bot lane combo is similar to Karma-Ezreal, but sacrifices defenses for more damage. This combo requires great wave management and playing according to the wave state.

Seraphine – Best scaling bot lane. Seraphine offers reliable peeling and multiple crowd control abilities, as well as healing. This bot lane combo requires a great understanding of wave management and playing according to the wave state.

Soraka – Best for team fights. Soraka allows Ezreal to get through the laning phase safely and farm until he gets his items. Her healing later in the game is also a great asset.

Janna – Best disengage bot lane. Janna is the best peeling support for Ezreal, with her kit specifically designed to counter hard engages and potential kill threats from the enemy team. She keeps Ezreal safe and provides him with a means of disengaging when enemies try to jump on him.

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