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The recent release of Overwatch 2 looks to have been effective in bringing gamers back into its future environment, despite a bumpy debut and several issues. A lot of people are discussing the new game on social media, much as they did when the previous one came out. From the sound of things, you may be wondering how many individuals are actually participating in this game.

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Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of Overwatch 2, has never revealed how many people are currently playing any of its games. On occasion, though, a new number is released to update the audience. Former game director Jeff Kaplan offered an approximate estimate of the player base size during the first Overwatch’s life during the 2019 BlizzCon opening ceremony.

As per the latest data from Blizzard, given in the form of a tweet on October 14th, more than 25 million individuals have played Overwatch 2. Press materials distributed at the same time provide additional confirmation of this story’s accuracy. Since Blizzard protects their player data, we can only presume that this number is close to the true number of players, but it’s the only one we have. This is an incredible figure considering the game had only been available for ten days at the time the tweet was sent.

Checagem de Overwatch 2: Pronto para o lançamento! — Overwatch 2 — Notícias  da Blizzard

Though, Overwatch 2 has a ways to go before it can claim more players than the original game did. Jeff Kaplan, speaking during the 2019 BlizzCon opening ceremony, promised that “Nothing’s getting left behind” with the launch of Overwatch 2. There will be no one left behind. It’s unclear what number he’s referring to; he might mean 50 million copies sold rather than 50 million active users. We worked so hard to develop this community of over 50 million gamers at this moment, the last thing we would ever do is anything to fracture what an awesome community you guys are.

Overwatch 2 got off to a great start, but it remains to be seen if both returning and new players will continue to support future seasons. If the roadmap from earlier this year is any indication, the development team has lots of material planned for the future. However, it is now unknown if enough current players will stick around to see that additional content implemented.

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