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2022 League of Legends Top Boosting Website

Your journey to find the best League of Legends Elo boosting website is not an easy task and it can take you a lot of time to find the best one. I’ve tried multiple ones and in some, I lost my money and my order was not even started, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry while choosing the website you want to do your order.

A lot of websites will fail to provide what is expected and others will do a great job without you even thinking about them as top priorities, after searching and testing close to all websites I found one that had everything I wanted for my boost order.

I will review eloboostleague.com and show you all the options you can find on their website and why I selected them as my website to go for my League of Legends boosting.


Right after I open the main page of the website I see a bit too many colors for my personal taste, but once I checked all the options the website provides, colors or design doesn’t really matter for what I’m reviewing, just my personal opinion.

The website seems to be working without issues and the page processing is somewhat fast.

I’ve used the live chat option before doing my lol boost order so I could do a couple of questions to the customer support, support answered close to instantly and all my questions were answered, I’ve trolled a bit the support to see how he would react, but was professional I can say.

I’ve selected my order and down below I’ve noticed that they also have extra options that you can add to your order such as:


Normalize Score

Solo Boost

Express Priority


Spell Buttons

I wanted to keep my account as low profile as possible, for that reason I’ve chosen the extra option for champions and have had the booster playing my two main champions, Jhin and Kalista.

Once I was doing my purchase I found they awarded me with 311 ” Fox coins” that I used later to buy a couple of wins in Diamond 2 to not get demoted since I didn’t have time to play due to the university final exams.

After my order was received by the website, I got a notification on my email with a link to log in to the website where I could chat with the booster or track all the progress, something that you can also do via League of Legends stats websites such as OP.GG

About the booster performances, the booster did always his best and have had good performances like a Challenger player needs to have on Diamond divisions, he was playing nonstop to have the order completed as fast as possible and always asking if there were any questions that he will gladly answer and help.

The booster right after completing the order provided the completion picture so we could have it saved, the order was a Diamond 4 to Diamond 2 and was completed in a day with an 85% win rate, there were two losses that were even with the booster trying to carry, the team just lost it hard.

After the order was completed the booster notified me and I was able to log in to the account again to check the status and the new division.

I can say that the service that they provide is top tier, I was expecting to have a small problem to see if they could fix it or not and was spamming the support most of the time with questions, but everything is done so smoothly that I couldn’t find any major issue on the website besides an error connecting the chat that happened for 10m and was fixed after reloading the website.

From all the League of Legends boosting websites I’ve tried and it was mostly all websites that are up on google, I can say eloboostleague.com was the best one in terms of options to select, booster performances and service overall.

I can say that my account was in good hands and my money was not wasted, I got what I paid for.

There were also other websites that provided me a good service and no issues caused at all, but with so many options this website has, from the real human customer support to the service provided, I have selected eloboostleague.com as the top 1 from the list.

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