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League of Legends Unobtainable skins in 2024

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

Riot Games has made it a tradition to continually expand and evolve the vast skin catalogue for their champions. The company’s dedication to their artistic craft is apparent, with new, high-quality skins being released consistently. The year 2024 has been no different, with new skins being added for many champions, keeping the game fresh and exciting. But still, the fascination for the rare, unobtainable skins remains, and the demand for these elusive in-game cosmetics continues to be an interesting part of the game’s culture.

In the wake of the ever-expanding list of new skins, we have seen a few more rare gems added to the roster. One of these is the awe-inspiring “Eclipse Zed”, a skin that was only available during a special lunar event in the game. With its stunning design and intricate particle effects, it has quickly become a fan favorite.

In this list we will not include legacy skins that are obtainable during certain events or through loot boxes as they aren’t rare at all, even though at the moment we can’t buy them.

These skins are not easy to get as the only way to earn them is to have all skins in the game, that way Riot Games will give  you the skins on this list.

– PAX Twisted Fate

– PAX Jax

– PAX Sivir

– Neo PAX Sivir

– Championship Riven

– Urfwick

– Rusty Blitzcrank

– Riot Singed

PAX skins – Obtainable through codes given by Riot Games, however, these were disabled a long time ago. Later in 2017, Neo PAX Sivir was released and you could get it by gathering 10 gemstones during a short period of time

Championship Riven – Released as the first Championship skin that was purchasable through the shop during World’s event. Nowadays it’s not possible to earn it during that event or through loot boxes.

Urfwick – Purchasable through the shop after riot switched from Influence Points currency to Blue Essence, for 150.000 Blue essence for a short period of time.

Rusty Blitzcrank – Was released for a short period of time back in november 2009, but was quickly removed because players said that this skin looks almost the same as the original.

Riot Singed – It was obtainable through meeting a rioter.


The next skins are unobtainable, and riot won’t give you in any circumstances.

– Victorious Jarvan IV

– Victorious Janna

– Victorious Elise

– Victorious Morgana

– Victorious Sivir

– Victorious Maokai

– Victorious Graves

– Victorious Orianna

– Victorious Aatrox

– Victorious Lucian

– Victorious Blitzcrank

– Triumphant Ryze

– Black Alistar

– Unchained Alistar

– Annie-verse

– UFO Corki

– Kayle Argent

– Kayle Judgment

– King Rammus

– Young Ryze

– Riot Girl Tristana

Victorious skins: Awarded through reaching at least a rank of Gold in all past seasons.

Triumphant Ryze: Awarded by winning an old tournament supported by Riot Games.

Black Alistar: Given through pre-ordering the collectors edition of League of Legends.

Unchained Alistar: Given by following League of Legends facebook page a long time ago.

Annie-verse: Given to all players present in League of Legends 10th anniversary.

UFO Corki: Given to all players that had an account on January 1st after Riot Games winning a reading award.

Judgment Kayle: Awarded to players who played at least 10 matchmade games in season 1.

Kayle Argent: Given through buying collectors edition of League of Legends.

King Rammus: Given to players who played League of Legends in its beta.

Young Ryze: Obtainable through buying collectors edition of League of Legends.

Riot Girl Tristana: Obtainable by following League of Legends facebook page a long time ago.

The excitement around skins and the thrill of owning an exclusive, unobtainable skin continue to add another layer of depth to League of Legends’ already rich gaming experience. Whether you’re a dedicated collector, a casual player, or someone utilizing boosting services to up your game, the array of dazzling skins always adds a unique flavor to your adventures in the Rift.

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