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Why the bot lane in season 2024 is experiencing high volatility, according to League of Legends players

The information in this has been updated for 2024.

Whether you started playing League of Legends in season 2024 or have been a long-time player since the days of AP Master Yi, you’ve probably noticed a recent trend of hyper-aggressive bot lanes that either stomp their opponents or get completely stomped. With the rise of inting and the bot lane becoming increasingly volatile, the League community has been investigating the root cause of this issue.

From the moment the bot laners meet each other, it’s as if they’ve been called into a boxing match, with one side coming out victorious with a high kill score or losing badly with many deaths. Some players on the League subreddit have tried to explain this phenomenon, with some suggesting that it’s due to a lack of trading between the opposing players, while others attribute it to the fact that the bot lane is home to the squishiest champions who are most vulnerable to being burst down.

Furthermore, supports have incredibly strong base damage, which enables them to carry fights with just their support items. According to some League players, the bot lane is the most critical lane on the Rift due to its proximity to drakes, its high gold yield, and the number of variables involved, such as the matchup of your support pick.

The final theory presented by League players is that bot laners have become more aggressive in their attempts to gain more gold and experience and ward off repeated dives from enemy junglers and mid laners. As a result, bot lanes have become more prone to all-in or bust tactics.

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