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Should competitive VALORANT players receive greater rewards?

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

Riot Games is set to shake up the competitive experience of VALORANT with the upcoming global beta launch of the Premier tournament system. This system will be based on acts and seasons, and will allow teams of five to compete in scheduled weekly matches during each act.

The teams will then enter a playoff bracket, which will determine a champion for each skill tier per region. This path-to-pro system will eventually be the starting point for amateur players looking to reach VCT Challengers leagues. The launch of Premier is expected to provide a better competitive experience outside of ranked play, which has the potential to be far more rewarding.

Compared to other multiplayer titles, VALORANT’s ranked play falls behind when it comes to rewards. Players only receive a gun buddy of their highest act rank and an act rank badge at the end of each episode. Call of Duty’s ranked play, for example, offers tangible rewards such as a reward path for ranking up, a seasonal reward path for getting wins, and rewards granted to players at the end of the season based on their skill division. Games like League of Legends, Overwatch 2, and Rocket League all have robust reward systems for ranked play as well. Even VALORANT’s direct competitor, CS:GO, lacks tangible rewards for reaching a new skill tier in ranked.

With rumors that Valve will be launching a beta for Counter-Strike 2 soon, VALORANT could use some extra incentive for players. Riot Games could create a short seasonal pass just for ranked play, similar to the one in Call of Duty, with a handful of rewards, including a tantalizing reward at the end like a weapon skin. Overwatch 2 offers a rewarding system with seasonal challenges for ranked play, which allows players to earn competitive points that can be used to unlock golden guns for each hero. Even small rewards like titles or Radianite would be an improvement over what VALORANT currently offers.

As there is already possible frustration that can occur in ranked VALORANT, and with many eyes looking towards the game’s competitors, it is time to incentivize players to keep grinding.

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