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New League of Legends Meta With Patch 13.1b Changes

Riot Games has already made big changes to both champions and items for Season 13 of League of Legends, which has been going on for a few weeks. Despite a cyber attack, the majority of the updates went live on Jan 26th with Patch 13.1B, which has the potential to completely alter the current meta. But which modifications will have the greatest impact, and which champions are likely to become more popular?

Riot introduced changes to fighter and ADC items on the live servers, which should boost the power of marksmen in the mid-game while nerfing bruisers. With additional support and jungle changes planned for Patch 13.3, there may be an even greater shift in the meta in the coming weeks.

Making accurate predictions is challenging, but by analyzing the individual changes and how they interact, we may get a clearer picture. These are our predictions for how the League meta will change after Patch 13.1B.

Changes to ADC and Crit Items in Patch 13.1B

ADC players are eagerly anticipating this patch, as game designer David Turley revealed mana buffs for several champions on his YouTube channel. Additionally, shields on Overheal and Bloodthirster will be stronger. The main change, however, will be the reduction in the required crit chance for Infinity Edge and Navori Quickblades to activate their passive, from 60% to 40%.

This will allow ADC champions to build these items as their second items, right after their Mythic item, which will significantly increase their mid-game power and make them more relevant early on. With the meta focusing on the bot lane and mid-game skirmishes, champions like Jinx may make a comeback, especially if bullies like Caitlyn and Draven are banned.

Beware of Yasuo and Yone, as their damage is based on their crit chance. They may skip the Mythic and go straight for the increased damage as a rush item.

Changes to Grievous Wounds

The changes to anti-healing are not as drastic as they appear. Although the increased healing reduction is helpful, it won’t make them overpowered. Champions who rely heavily on healing to fight, such as Irelia, Aatrox, or Soraka, will be affected more negatively compared to others.

Changes to Fighter Items

Riot also revealed changes to some of the fighter items, aimed at nerfing their ability to fight continuously throughout the game. As a result, Omnivamp will be removed from Eclipse and Ravenous Hydra, while core items like Death Dance and Maw of Malmortius will have their abilities removed.

We have already discussed the changes to bruiser items in detail, but here are the main consequences. Bruisers will be weaker in the mid-game, as they will have less access to ability haste. However, they will be tankier, harder to defeat, and deal more damage, as lifesteal can only be applied to auto-attacks, so bruisers who rely on spells to deal damage will have lower healing.

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