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Two Bot Lane Compositions in LoL Patch 13.4 That Suggest an Iron-Level Playstyle

In the Iron tier of League of Legends, players have been favoring two particular bottom lane duos – Miss Fortune plus Lux and Caitlyn plus Lux, with the highest pick rates in Patch 13.4 according to U.GG. These duos have recorded pick rates of 3.7 and 3.53 percent, respectively, with around 19,000 matches played.

These two pairs rank significantly higher than any other bottom lane combinations in the Iron tier, with Miss Fortune and Morgana coming in third with a 2.4 percent pick rate. Moreover, both Miss Fortune plus Lux and Caitlyn plus Lux have recorded impressive win rates, currently sitting at 54.46 percent and 52.63 percent respectively.

The success of these duos is not surprising. Miss Fortune and Lux is an aggressive combo that can easily eliminate a squishy AD carry or support during the laning phase if Lux’s Q lands and stuns them. With Miss Fortune’s high follow-up damage, they can dominate the lane.

Caitlyn and Lux have a similar dynamic. Caitlyn’s high auto-attack range allows her to poke enemies constantly, and Lux can follow up with powerful attacks if she lands her Q or E.

Interestingly, Caitlyn and Lux’s combination is also popular in higher tiers, with a 3.06 percent pick rate in Platinum+ rankings, ranking third overall. However, Xayah and Rakan dominate the leaderboard with a 4.59 percent pick rate and an impressive 55.36 percent win rate, according to U.GG.

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