Best Valorant Trick to Check Doors for Enemies Without Opening Them

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

Gone are the days of charging headfirst into doorways in ranked matches—a cunning, VALORANT player has uncovered a method to knife enemies through closed doors on Ascent, and it’s so absurd it might just work.

The Reyna player who shared the tactic on Reddit on February 5th noticed that they were taking damage while the door was completely closed in front of them. Upon the door collapsing, a knife-wielding Raze was waiting on the other side with a menacing look.

This entire scenario on Ascent can be replicated, as it turns out.

As soon as the trick was outed, Reddit comments were full of players asking if this sneaky part of the game was done on purpose. Some believed it to be a bug, while others were simply stunned. “Wait, that’s crazy,” exclaimed one player.

Others in the community stepped forward to share their own tips that take advantage of similar issues. A Sova main offered, you can shoot Sova arrows through the door’s edges by using a one-bounce click. The most useful application for this arrow is to scan someone standing at the switch and wallbang them if you shoot it from the tree side. Another player warned to be cautious as the enemy can often see you as well.

If this bug isn’t new, it’s taken players some time to notice it. It’s likely emerged after a recent patch update and was waiting for its big reveal.

This could be a matter for the Riot developers to investigate. Until then, it may serve as a sneaky way to perform VALORANT wall hacks.

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